Terry McDermott
Terry McDermott | Fine Artist



Terry McDermott_Colorado1.jpg

GEORGIA’S BACKYARD | 1990, oil on canvas | 30” x 48"


There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality - Pablo Picasso

Why abstract

Every piece of art has it's own vocabulary, a visual vocabulary that give it structure and interest. Whenever I start a piece it begins with color without the complications of excessive details. An abstract artist's skills lie in his or her ability to use color and texture to their best visual strength and to create a sound composition from these elements. This piece was done while contemplating a desert landscape.

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MOTION | 2018, oil on canvas | 40” x 40"

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HAYAKAWA STUDY | 2000, oil on canvas | 38” x 58”

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BIRTH OF A GALAXY | 2016, oil on canvas | 36” x 36”

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LIFE FORCE | 2018, oil on canvas | 48” x 48”

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DARKNESS TO LIGHT | 2014, oil on canvas | 40” x 40”

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STORM | 2014, oil on canvas | 40” x 40”

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